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Nighttime hell
Fearing the night has become so natural to me
That time when all my demons come to see
How far they can force me to sink once more
Deep into the darkness that tears at my core
Every night with the setting of the blazing sun
These tormens shred their bindings undone
To claw and crush their way up from the void
Inside my mind where my world is constantly destroyed
Such wrenching pain that slashes at my soul
My sanity made to slip and lose its hold
Twisting my reality to break my burdened will
And leave my overwhelmed heart shredded and still
These rivers of my tears just keep on falling
Down into my darkness which keeps on calling
dragging my tattered and lost soul deeper
Bringing me ever closer to that chilling reaper
My ability to fight back drains from my grasp
As the hands of darkness reach out to clasp
Gripping to the bone to burn with such pain
The arms of my hell becoming my chains
Where forever alone I remain weighed heavily down
Left in my endless abyss of shadows to drown
:icondmiermortus:DmierMortus 1 0
Tiger Sketch :icondmiermortus:DmierMortus 1 0 Wolf Sketch :icondmiermortus:DmierMortus 0 0
Take Her Into The Light WIP
Over the horizon, sunlight fades,
Shadows filling me like a haze,
The night takes over me.
Lying in my arms, you bleed;
Bleed your love all over me,
Leaving me in darkness to scream.
My heart trembles as light leaves your eyes,
And with that light so goes my cries.
Demons crawl to me from the darkness;
Crawling towards my beloved, heartless.
Her eyes just stare up past me,
No more essence to breathe.
No warmth to cradle in these arms of mine;
Hardened, my shattered heart feels so blind.
Numb to the entering gloom scraping and gnawing,
I'm left to say farewell in the midst of their crawling.
Chains long broken come upon this battered soul,
Binding me to be bitten and torn in this dark hole.
Without you here, the darkness shall surely win.
With these blood-curdling whispers my torture begins;
But that doesn't matter, nothing matters without you.
Take my body and tear me apart, it does me no use.
Give me your teeth, your blood red eyes,
Go ahead and tear into me, I now want to die.
Take m
:icondmiermortus:DmierMortus 3 7
White Tiger :icondmiermortus:DmierMortus 10 5
Smell of Death
I look into those empty eyes
Looking for life that I could not find
Peering into your darkened soul
Hoping a heart was in that hole
Not a heartbeat nor a breath
Everything smelled of death
I held your cold, pale hands
Tracing the curve of your band
The gem falsifying life's hope
With its single bright note
Not a heartbeat nor a breath
Everything smelled of death
You lay like an angel on the floor
Gazing emptily to the door
Black, white, and red
Nothing else seen in my head
Not a heartbeat nor a breath
Everything smelled of death
Once white bed sheets we shared
Draped across the floor flared
Splattered with your life
Searing the sheets from the knife
Not a heartbeat nor a breath
Everything smelled of death
Those once elegant blue lips
Catching my heart in their grips
Hanging open ever so slightly
Her smile once was bright
But now, there's not a heartbeat nor a breath
Everything about her now smells of death
:icondmiermortus:DmierMortus 3 5
With Him I Am Saved
As I lie here crying
I hold my head up high
Crying out with all I've got
To the only one I call God
Begging for His blessings
And glorious dressings
So purely cleansed may I be
With all that makes Him holy
Giving up all my atrocity
To bask in His luminosity
And hold His wonderful light
In arms renewed by His might
So here I lie my weary heart
Giving it to Him, not in part
Wholly giving up my wretched life
Only to bask in His glorious light
At the foot of this bloody cross
Where the demon's battle was lost
And Your victory was engraved
Thus I no longer am enslaved
These chains no longer binding
The memories no longer grinding
My life to Him I freely gave
So with Him I am now saved
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Drips Of Salvation
The crimson salvation falls
Cascading from the most holy of all
Pooling beneath those feet
Laden with sin so we might be free
Drip, drip
Streams fall from those hands
And healed throughout the lands
Taking up our burdens and chains
To receive the price of our blame
Drip, drip, drip
Eyes upward, arms stretched wide
Awaiting the fate of sin's heavy tide
Heaving His last mortal sigh
Heart and body broken, He dies
Drip, drip
The Almighty Son gives His life
So that no other must have to die
To be placed in a tomb ceiled away
Only to be risen with light of Sunday
His blood now falls upon these robes
Covering my stains, fulfilling my hopes
Claiming my heart and saving my soul
That I may forever be with Him whole
:icondmiermortus:DmierMortus 1 0
Tomorrow Revisited
Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow,
I shall love you tomorrow but not today;
For days like these are full of sorrow,
Filled with haste and souls all hollow
And blinded saints obediently follow.
Where we like rodents do burrow.
This leads my heart to want the morrow.
Where the blood pulses in my marrow
And courage we have not to borrow;
So here I must wait for tomorrow,
Fore I truly cannot hold you this day.
Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.
:icondmiermortus:DmierMortus 1 0
Close Up Pretty Eyes :icondmiermortus:DmierMortus 1 0 Different Perspectives :icondmiermortus:DmierMortus 2 2 Rose In a Distorted World :icondmiermortus:DmierMortus 5 0 Rose Upon the Water :icondmiermortus:DmierMortus 6 2 Boredom Pic :icondmiermortus:DmierMortus 2 0
My Dear Valentine
If ever I were to be complete,
It would have to be with you, my sweet.
With the peace flowing from love divine,
The grace and joy of knowing you're mine.
To sleep and hold you throughout all time,
Most certainly, this must be a crime.
For the world is out to obtain
This sacred love that would keep us sane.
To complete a soul that's been torn apart,
Joining these two beings to be one heart.
With you my life can be so sublime,
So this I must ask; will you be mine?
:icondmiermortus:DmierMortus 1 0
Sleepless Night
My mind flutters to and fro
In its feeble attempt to find home
While thoughts and memories
Stab and caress my arteries
While the joys and pains
Fly and gouge my brain
Sleep may come to me eventually
But now I scream through eternity
Where my eyes I scrape and scratch
And my putrefying face I must smash
Where my heart leaps and stops
As my chest cracks and pops
This fire that consumes my soul
Or should I say that reminder of a hole
Burns with every move or thought
Screaming commands of knot
Churning each thought and move
Like a demonic cook with his stew
The surreptitious beings move by
Forever staying away from mine eye
To scratch, burn, stab, tear and boil
While thoughts of elusion are foiled   
And when they finally get bored
The darkness comes in as a horde
In the darkness there is only cold
With raspy pain stricken holds
Caught up in every motion and breath
To break and corrode undying flesh
With screams of hatred and sorrow
Thoughts can only beg for morrow
With the
:icondmiermortus:DmierMortus 3 4

Random Favourites

A Fairies Temptation :iconferelwing:Ferelwing 321 207 Wanderer :iconitzea:Itzea 32 8 Breaking down the world :iconferelwing:Ferelwing 38 17
Lies of Redemption
Thought I knew you old friend
But you were hiding so well
What you are disgusts me
Eyes full of lies
To yourself and the world
You keep telling yourself
it's ok but it's not
Making up excuses
Daydreaming and replaying
Sick, twisted and broken
Looking for something pure?
Or perhaps something to twist
into your own image of perfection
Playing on angelic hearts
Your true intentions? Perverse
Love is a game for you and your kind
You prey upon the weak, the lost, the broken
Hoping to finally discover something pure
But you don't want it
What you want is control
So you keep seeking the lambs
Finding the lost, broken-hearted, downtrodden
The ones easiest to manipulate
There will always be a wolf in sheep clothing
Pity for you there's also the lion
But you'll keep playing your head games
You'll keep pretending that what you are is "normal"
You'll even convince yourself of pure motives
But deep inside, you are being swallowed by your own sickness.
When you rot, I hope the angel is left behind
:iconferelwing:Ferelwing 35 31
Ablaze :iconmoyan:moyan 4,569 266
Mature content
Air loves Water... :iconnone4romir:none4ROMiR 62 27
Yours to keep
As I stare into the
the darkening sky
the moonlight
shimmers into view
I feel the softness
of your eyes
the whisper that
you love me too
As we caress
each other in the secret
harmony of loves bliss
Neither you nor I can
truly want or possess
I nestle into your arms
the calm strength around me
as our lips meet in a soft kiss
the warmth pervades the room
as I slowly drift to sleep
your arms around my waist
my heart yours to keep
:iconferelwing:Ferelwing 29 13
Love drink of me
Lick your lips
Then taste of mine
kiss those fingertips
Drink me like fine wine
Sip me deeply, slowly, true
As I tremble, pull you near
Quivering at what we do
As passions raise, hold me dear
Think only of my caress
As you hold me in your arms
Take it all, just possess
And let me sample all your charms
My beloved, be mine tonight
Make me want you so much more
Hold me close through the night
Let the freedom of our love pour
When I stare into those eyes
See that passion blaze
Hear those stifled cries
Our hearts revel in the daze
:iconferelwing:Ferelwing 39 30
Heavenly Waters :iconmoyan:moyan 1,200 96
Everything belongs to you
Every breath
Every heartbeat
Every thought returns to you
Every dream
Every wish
Every hope that this is true
Every smile
Every laugh
Every single thing you do
Everything I am belongs to you
:iconferelwing:Ferelwing 32 15
lemon green :iconapofiss:Apofiss 8,580 524 As far as the eye can see :icongabbyd70:gabbyd70 7,950 2,249 Flowers Bloom FINISHED :iconladyakemi:ladyakemi 6 12


  • Listening to: Anberlin
  • Reading: the monitor
  • Watching: the monitor
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: air
  • Drinking: water
Meme Rules:
1->You must post these rules.
2->Each person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3->Answer the questions the tagger set for you, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4->You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
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~bellepetitsnow's questions~

1~ What type of music to you listen to?
1~ Everything

2~ Have you ever/ do you want to dye your hair an unnatural colour?

3~ Do you like.... Cheese!
3~ psh... who DOESN'T like cheese? Cheese is AMAZING!

4~ Do you like reading?
4~ Yosh.

5~ Is music your muse for your artwork? If not, what/ who is?
5~ uhm... music gets me in the mood to do poetry, but not painting or drawing. I pretty much only do drawing and painting when I'm bored... ^^'

6~ In ten years time, where do you see yourself if you don't get abducted by aliens? (Or have you already been abducted )
6~ uhm... working... lol

7~ Have you ever heard of the amazing Edd Gould? Tom Ridgewell (TomSka)? asdf movie? Or anybody else relating to them (If not, go: [link] [link] [link]
7~ I LOVE THE ASDF MOVIES!!!!! i show all my friends all the time xD

8~ What time do you wake up in the morning? (me = 6 AM )
8~ 4:30

9~ Right, I've run out of questions. Do you LOVE llamas??

10~ Photoshop, Gimp, Paint Tool Sai, or other? (if other, please specify)
10~ Photoshop, Gimp, MS Paint, Photoshop elements, Art Rage

My Questions:

1. Do you believe that miracles believe in you?
1. Uh... miracles don't really 'believe' but if they could I guess they would...

2. Do you like candy?
2. yosh

3. A couch or a chair?
3. couch

4. Art is ____ to you:
4. LIFE... well mostly a hobby...

5. I have fancy pants that go POOF do you?
5.uh... no...

6. ^Would you like some?
6. uh... no...

7. Favorite thing to drink
7. Cherry Limeade

8. Is EIGHT symmetrical
8. Well first to decide whether 'EIGHT' is symmetrical or not, you must first
    understand the meaning of the word symmetrical.  Symmetrical's definition:
    Made up of exactly similar parts facing each other or around an axis; showing
    Therefore the possibility of eight being symmetrical depends on a couple of
    reasons: font type, whether it's typed out 'eight' or just the number '8', and
    also depending on whether you are meaning a two dimensional 8 or a three-
    dimensional 8.  So it all depends upon the type of 'EIGHT' for which you are
    (1)So depending on the font type, '8' may or may not be symmetrical. (2)If you
    are referring to 'EIGHT' as in the typed out version of the number, then no, you
    cannot fold the word 'EIGHT' along any axis to make a mirror image of itself
    along said folded line. (3) Then if you are referring to an '8' that is within a
    three dimensional space again it may or may not be symmetrical.  It all just
    depends on the font.

9. I was asking the word not the number, how do you feel?
9. honestly... bored...

10. I love ten, it is the end! do you love the end?
10. meh


DmierMortus's Profile Picture
Benjamin A. Hampton
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Oh-HI-o How's you doing? I'm a drafting/engineering student working on surviving my fourth year in college, I'm currently 21 years old, no longer rolling burritos for a living, and hoping to get some painting gig's set up so I can make a little extra mulah on the side. So yeah, I'm artsy, book-wormy, and normally bored. lol ^^

Current Residence: Today Texas; tommorrow, who knows
Favourite genre of music: rock, pop, celtic... just not rap
Favourite style of art: pencil drawings
Operating System: vista... and it sucks!
MP3 player of choice: Toshiba Gigabeat
Shell of choice: ...turtle shell...?
Wallpaper of choice: any that covers my hideous walls
Skin of choice: yours O.o
Favourite cartoon character: Scooby Doo
Personal Quote: That hurts, here... where my heart should be...


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